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 SWAT Applications

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PostSubject: SWAT Applications   Thu Jul 22, 2010 7:07 am

Please copy and paste this application to your post for applications:
Just post a new thread/topic under SWAT Applications and the topic title should look like this example: GOUSN1776 SWAT application

PSN(PS3 gamertag):


Do you have a PS3 headset/mic?:

Do you have GTA 4 or The Ballad of Gay Tony or both?:

Will you be able to make most or all patrols, training, practices, etc.?:

Are you currently part of any GTA 4 clan/team?:

--->If, yes will you be leaving and when?:

Have you ever been in another GTA 4 clan/team?:

Do you have any real life experience such as being an actual police/SWAT officer or in the military?:

Are you being transferred from another department?:

--->If yes please specify which department and why?:

What time zone do you live in(This is just so I know when I should make practices)?:


Please copy and paste the above application to your post for applications!

Once you have submitted an application please check back the next day or so to see if it has been accepted. You have to go to your application on this forum and see.
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SWAT Applications
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