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PostSubject: My APPLACATION   Fri Feb 25, 2011 2:32 am

PSN(PS3 gamertag):jmanbeforu


Do you have a PS3 headset/mic?:MIC

Do you have GTA 4 or The Ballad of Gay Tony or both?:BOTH

Will you be able to make most or all patrols, training, practices, etc.?:MOST

Are you currently part of any GTA 4 clan/team?:NO

--->If, yes will you be leaving and when?:IDK

Have you ever been in another GTA 4 clan/team?:YES BUT I QUIT

Do you have any real life experience such as being an actual police/SWAT officer or in the military?:MY DAD WAS IN THE MARINES

Are you being transferred from another department?:No

--->If yes please specify which department and why?:

What time zone do you live in(This is just so I know when I should make practices)?:Georgia

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