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 LCPD Rules & Regulations

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PostSubject: LCPD Rules & Regulations   Wed Jul 21, 2010 1:04 pm

All LCD-LCPD members will abide by these rules & regulations or will risk the possiblility of being banned.

Rules of Engagement:
Shoot only if shot upon.
Shoot only if you callin the threat and higher ranking officers give you the green light to shoot.
Shoot only in immediate danger to you or others around you such as thrown objects, oncoming vehicle, getting shot at, knife thrusts, etc.

More Rules & Regs:
If an officer is in pursuit NEVER pass him/her unless he/her gives you explicit permission.
If you are in pursuit and you or a fellow officer crashes you must stop chasing and check on fellow officer and others involved.(You must also call EMT if injuries occur.)
You must know all radio codes.
You must make all practices unless you have a legitimate excuse such as moving, death in family, system down, etc.(You must notify your Commanding Officers such squad leader, CO, etc of why you did not make the practice.)
When you in or about to be in a pursuit you must send a dispatch out to all officers that you are in a pursuit and where.

Calling In Backup/Support:
If AND ONLY IF you are in a life threatening situation such as a suspect in arms or shooting you or others you may call in backup. When you call backup you MUST IMMEDIATELY call dispatch and say "(Officer name to Dispatch I have STATE YOUR SITUATION AT LOCATION, Over)" Dispatch: Roger that, Dispatch out to all officers STATE SITUATION AT LOCATION, nearest officers please respond immediately.
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LCPD Rules & Regulations
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