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 SWAT sign up !!

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PostSubject: SWAT sign up !!   Sun Jul 25, 2010 12:23 pm

P.S.N ( PS3 gamertag ) : BrutalPsycho

Username : BadassPhenom

Do you have a PS3 headset / mic?: Nope / no

Do you have GTA 4 or The Ballad of Gay Tony or both?: G.T.A 4 only

Will you be able to make most or all patrols, training, practices, etc.?: i'll try my best =)

Are you currently part of any GTA 4 clan/team?: Nope but tried to get a couple of them b 4 this

--->If, yes will you be leaving and when?: Well left long time ago cuz since TEC hang out area is in TBOGT and D12 is not active

Have you ever been in another GTA 4 clan/team?: no

Do you have any real life experience such as being an actual police officer or in the military?: no sir o_o

What time zone do you live in ( This is just so I know when I should make practices )?: USA ( New York ) Cool
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PostSubject: Almost Accepted   Mon Jul 26, 2010 6:07 am

Right now I'm looking for people that have TBoGT. And you also should have a mic. If you go to Gamestop, you can get a $20 PSN to get TBoGT. Also you might be able to find a used headset for around $15-$20. Brand new headset are about $30 while bluetooh brand new are around $50. Really all you need is TBoGT and then we'll go from there.
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SWAT sign up !!
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